Progress Review

It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve started my EngD and lots has happened already. In COMPGS01 – Intro to Programming, we have completed the Java course and now starting the android part of the course. That group work has been particularly frustrating as one of the team members flat out refuses to code as “it is too hard and they don’t know how to do it”. That is the sort of attitude that enrages me! As a financial computing student as well, the lack of programming skills will sure catch up with them. // end rant.

Other modules are going alright. The requirements engineering has this large piece of coursework where we are simulating designing a police crime fighting system as a team from IBM. It’s going okay, that team actually does work. We do have some more quiet members (usually less confident in spoken English) but our names in a hat system ensures that everyone ends up with a piece of work to do.

The “Mastering Entrepreneurship” module is great fun. The lecturer, Gillian Lacey-Solymar, is fantastic. Engaging and enthusiastic, she really makes you want to start a business. As assignments go, I managed to nab a 73 for that piece of work so all is good.

Lastly, had the initial EngD group meeting. Looking forward to making an interactive 3D fog projector…. We’ll see what happens.

Beyond academia, I’ve entered the Darwin 3D challenge and have learnt how to use a 3D printer and the laser cutter. I’m looking to make something amazing, but just got to find the time!

GIS tutoring is also going well. The students are finally getting stuck into some ArcGIS and are learning the nuances very quickly!


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