End of Term Deadline Scramble

“…it’s the most wonderful time of the year….”

So it’s Xmas/deadline scramble time of the year again. In the coming two weeks there are four different deadlines to comply with along with various presentations to do. The difficulty of getting group work done in time will always be there. For the requirements module, our software architecture document is nearly complete (almost 40 pages long!) with only a few touch ups, revisions and appendices to do. The most frightening thing for this though is a group presentation to sell our software solution to imaginary clients next week. Our lecturer has somehow managed to get the two authors of our core textbook to come evaluate us. A sweet thought and kind gesture, but also incredibly nerve-racking. I’ve learnt a whole lot of new things though since the start of term including: goal modelling, software architecture approaches, different UML diagrams etc. It’s been a useful, but very hard module for sure.

For the programming course, we have now moved onto the Android side of things. This is getting interesting as I remember really enjoying my first experiences with Android but also how incredibly frustrated I was 90% of the time too! We only have the two of us coding the whole program as the other team member still refuses to do any coding as she “doesn’t have the time”. Each session she comes armed with lots of excuses and no work at all. What a shame. Luckily there is an individual submission to rank your team members so that will be a good chance to evaluate her performance then. 

Lastly, the mastering entrepreneurship course is fantastic. It forces me to be creative and think critically. It is a relief compared to the very rigorous and technical way of thinking the programming and requirements engineering modules forces me into. Very well taught course as well.

Apart from that, I am looking forward to the new year and rounding off 2013. I feel that I’ve made a good start in getting myself back into the academic fray. I am very excited to get more involved with my actual Ordnance Survey project as well as my group project working with other EngD students. So far I haven’t touched GIS as such and it will be good to get back into it fully. 

Still have lots to think about, especially what my summer project is going to entail, but I’m sure with time to think over the holidays, some ideas will emerge…


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