Happy New Year

I’m writing this on the last day of Christmas as the festive season is drawing to a close. Resolutions have been made (and broken) and Tesco’s is no longer selling those tiny sausages wrapped in bacon.

At the end of last year, I met with the sponsors for a general catch-up. Some interesting points:

  • DC discussed some high-level considerations for a 3D product:
    • What should it look like?
    • What LoD should we target?
    • What are the usability considerations?
    • How do we communicate the level of detail to users and how do they know what they get for what they pay?
    • What are the use cases – what are the problems and what are they trying to achieve with 3DGI?  Do 2D GI principles such as generalization apply to 3D
  • DC also showed a presentation on what 3DGI meant for the company with information compiled from face-to-face interviews with colleagues at all levels. Questions include:
    • What are the objectives?
    • What are the must-haves?
    • What are the constraints?
    • Who are the users?
    • Who are the competitors?

Very business-oriented but nonetheless useful interesting to see the perspective of other departments.

  • IS showed machine learning approaches for analyzing roof shape. Pretty cool stuff, would be interested to see final result

Progress is on track and I am looking forward to getting stuck in with some more meaty projects this year. So what is there to look forward to in 2014?

OS PhD Days 28-29th Jan

I’m looking forward to meeting the other PhD students working with OS. It would be a great opportunity to network but also to hear what they get up to as well as forging possible future collaborations. It will be interesting to hear what current employees think of the research journey I am about to embark on and perhaps pick up a few gems of wisdom.

Jon Slade – Cardiff University

I was thrilled to find out just before Christmas that a friend and ex-coursemate (from MSc GIS), Jon Slade, has joined in with the 3D GIS party and will be starting at Cardiff University on a PhD on 3D GIS with OS. He will be focusing on enriching the geometry and semantics of 3D building models by extracting information automatically from photographs, diagrammatic illustrations and their associated textual annotations. He will be working as part of an internationally renowned research team at Cardiff University in the fields of Visual Computing and of Geographical Information Systems.

I am very excited for the opportunity to collaborate with him once more and I’m sure we have a very exciting few years ahead.

UCL 3D GIS Day 18th Feb

My supervisor Claire is trying to focus 3DGIS interest and hopefully will host an event at UCL mid-February. Good chance to say hello to the 3D community and hear what is going on.

GISRUK 2014 15th-18th April

Hopefully a 3D GIS workshop will be a held pre-conference and provide another good opportunity to network with and meet the community.

Other than that, there are the usual MRes modules and group projects but I can’t wait to get started again.

Well rested and well fed, bring on 2014!


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