3D Fog Projector – Prototype v.0.0.1

My fog friend Drew received his nebulizer through the post this morning so we met up at lunchtime to see what we could do with it. I popped into Robert Dyas on the way and picked up some tupperware, box of straws and a big roll of masking tape. Time to do a hack!

The piezoelectric/ultrasonic widget was amazing. I can’t believe how it actually works! It’s really just the guts of a humidifier. You can read more about how it works here:


We followed an instructables for the main idea, but was fairly simple:


We didn’t have a fan at first, so you’ll notice this fog projector is powered by human breath. Projector is a pico projector which seems to work rather nicely for its size…

v.0.0.2 in the next post (with photos!)


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