3D Fog Projector – Prototype v.0.0.2

This is our ultrasonic fogger…. suitable for lizards!Image

After the small success of v0.0.1, we needed something better than human breath which only gave us a few seconds of fog. By a random stroke of luck, my newly found friend Prash had an abandoned fan projector lying in his locker. It composed of three computer fans and a lasercut mdf casing. What luck!

This led to v.0.0.2 which gave us a steadier stream of fog to play with.




Pretty awesome! We’re happy we now understand a little bit more about how fog works. Note that this is just a 2D flat fogscreen, and our project is for a 3D fog projector. We now have the following to think about:

  1. Fog Type – Humidifier? Glycerin solution? Liquid Nitrogen? Dry Ice?
  2. Screen type – Planar fog screen? Solid Cylinder? Hollow Cylinder? Curved Fogscreen?
  3. Interactivity – Small scale Leap Motion or large scale Microsoft Kinnect?
  4. Scale – HUGE human size or desktop?
  5. Portability – how easy will our projector be able to be transported?
  6. Users – Single or multiple? Single, we can do cooler head tracking, corrective rendering but multiple makes interactivity much cooler
  7. 3D type – “true” 3D or faux-3D?
  8. Applications – fog musical instrument? 3D City Model manipulation?

There is a lot to think about and a scope to define with the rest of the guys. We should have a better working prototype/demo by Feb 11th for our Group Presentations which should be pretty awesome.

Other avenues we are following include using Dyson fans etc…. Watch this space. Other smaller scale problems to address:

  • Straw size and length? Do narrower straws produce better fog?
  • Fan speed/Air pressure. What is the optimum speed to push the fog out?
  • Fog direction – best to go up or down?
  • Water container depth
  • Number of foggers

Lastly, our resident technician from the Institute of Making, Rich, pointed this Travis video out to us. Neither Drew nor I had seen it before but it’s definitely worth watching!


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