3D Fog Projector – Prototype v.0.0.4 and v.0.0.5

More prototypes, more improvements!

(For those with a keen eye, you will notice that we skipped over v.0.0.3 as it was mostly a failure. You can read about details about that at: http://fogfriends.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/prototype-v003.html)

This time round we have an improved air delivery system and fog screen. By that, I mean I went to B&Q to buy some 25mm polytubing and plastic guttering and laser cut some snug fitting pieces to mitigate fog leakage (very technical term here).

Prototype v.0.0.4

Instead of having a compact design, we now have two fans pushing air through a 25mm polytubing into the Persil box. Inside the Persil box is 1x fogger. The grey guttering attaches to the other side of the Persil box and redirects the fog through a 5mm piece of acrylic with 5mm diameter circles drilled in. This is in place of the short straws. As you can see below, it still manages to encourage laminar flow although it gets turbulent fairly quickly. The downwards orientation of the fogscreen also helps. Our problem now is that the fog is not dense enough. Although we have better flow, the one fogger isn’t enough. We tackle that issue in v.0.0.5….

v.0.0.4 Set up

A crude diagram of the set up.

Prototype v.0.0.5

Our shipment of ultrasonic foggers from China arrived earlier in the week so we were able to start introducing multiple foggers. Alan, our team genius, rigged up three foggers into the magic Persil box using masking tape and a hot glue gun. The foggers are now held in an upright position better, producing more fog.

From the pictures below, you can tell straight away that the fog is far denser and the resulting fogscreen stays for a good 30 odd centimetres. Progress!

The last quick attempt was to introduce the leap motion and consider interactivity. It worked to a certain extent but will have lots of work to do before it is seamless.








IMG_5433 IMG_5434

What we learnt:

  • Using no straws is okay.
  • Hot glue is better than masking tape.
  • More foggers, more happiness.
  • Since we are back projecting, our output must be flipped, otherwise we will see a reverse image.
  • We need to design a better rig and set-up which is more permanent.

BONUS VIDEO!!! (From Group Presentation)


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