UK 3D GIS Interest Group Event

The UK 3D GIS Interest Group event brought together 50+ folks from academia and industry to discuss the possibility of a Special Interest Group (SIG) specific for 3D GIS. The event was hosted by Dr Claire Ellul at UCL in an awesome wooden paneled room on 18th February. The event began with some in-depth discussions on various 3DGIS-related questions including:

–          What is the killer app for 3DGIS?

–          What do we currently do in 2D that we should do in 3D?

–          What application justify the cost of a national 3D GIS?

–          What value does 3D bring?

–          What are the general and UK-specific barriers to uptake of 3DGIS?

The views within the room varied, but I argue that it is slightly pessimistic. It seems many are interested in 3DGIS and its potential, but are unwilling to make the first move (usually down to the upfront investment and cost). There seems to be a lack of a trailblazing and collaborative attitude that the Netherlands had with 3D Pilot NL.

The event closed with a vote on whether a SIG should be formed with the AGI (or additional professional groups) which resulted in a resounding “yes”. The flip side was when there was an imploration for volunteers, the room fell deathly silent.

We will see how it goes, but I’m glad that there is the interest there and that a UK forum for these 3D discussions is finally coming to realization.




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