SGP Graduate School – 7/8th July 2014 – Day Two

Well, here is the much anticipated sequel to SGP Graduate School Day One. Apologies it has taken a while, the summer came along and I completely forgot to blog. Anyway….



SpatialHadoop: A MapReduce Framework for Spatial Data – Mohamed F. Mokbel (University of Minnesota, US)

Now, I was very impressed with the stats that Mokbel presented in how SpatialHadoop reduces spatial operation times but two things that really annoyed me: 1) When asked “how much upfront processing time is there to allow for such efficient spatial operations?” he did not answer and massively side stepped it. 2) He began the presentation comparing himself to the likes of Jack Dangermond and Steve Jobs… don’t think so mate!

Feature extraction, matching and evaluation for shape registration-
Yonghuai Liu (Aberystwyth Univ., UK)

I can’t remember much for this except the speaker was very clear… and very LOUD.

Point Cloud Data Management – Peter van Oosterom (Delft University of Technology, NL)

I was excited about this – 3D celebrity Peter van Oosterom came and talked about huge point cloud data management. Once again the stats were overwhelmingly impressive. But instead of heavy pre-processing to increase spatial operation speeds, van Oosterom basically got a massive rack of processors!

Structure preserving representations of Euclidean geometry through conformal geometric algebra
Leo Dorst (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

This was really cool actually but it was very heavy for the final talk of the day. My poor Geography brain couldn’t handle the high level of geometry processing…


The full abstracts from all the talks can be found here:

Wales was fun from what I remembered… met some new pals and watched some World Cup so all good fun!


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