Summer Project – Designing 3D Geographic Information for Navigation Using Google Glass

Well, following the SGP Graduate School I was inspired by procedural city modelling and wanted to investigate further. I had plans to look at the “real vs. realistic” argument and augment 3D data in a cartoonization style. Unfortunately, I then spent an afternoon playing on ESRI CityEngine only to realise I had completed 3 out of 4 aims of my project. I had a few options – continue on this path of mediocre research that had mostly been accomplished already or…. choose a new topic.

With about 4 weeks left, I sat down and had a real think. Reading back over my OS supervisor’s descriptions on projects I had realised I got the wrong end of the stick on the term “cartoonisation”. Suddenly I remembered I had access to a pair of Google glass so….I took the risk and picked a new project title:

Designing 3D Geographic Information for Navigation Using Google Glass

I knew it was a risk but it had a lot more mileage to it as well as being novel. The next four weeks I had one gear – go. Experiments left right and centre, coding in XE16 for Glass, writing Java parsers and transformers… was a tough August! Another summer, lost to research but out of the ashes rises another MRes dissertation.

Now with doing a full 3D experiment, there are pros and cons. Pros? You get pretty visuals like this one:

Gaze Vector Points3

Cons? Where do I begin…

Presenting 3D results in a 2D medium is so frustrating. You can’t get the true “feel” of the data without moving about in 3D space. Secondly, once I managed to collect and process most of the 3D data it was near impossible to analyse. The lack of tools in ArcScene to do simple operations frustrated the bananas out of me. What I REALLY wanted to do with this experiment was to be able to say “X% of the time, participants looked at windows” but that wasn’t possible withou the detailed 3D building models with the correct geometric and semantic detail.

Anyway, I think this dataset has legs, but right now, there isn’t the right tools or data to help me analyse it. Otherwise, I’m pretty chuffed I managed to get this complete within a few weeks!

Time for a summer holiday!



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