2015 – New Year New Me?

A new year often brings a period of reflection, of resolutions and of realisation.

For many, today is the first day back to work and after spending the morning wrestling the Outlook monster I decided to take a break a write to you all.

In 2014 I learnt a lot of new skills, made lots of new friends as well as completing my first year back at UCL. So, what have we got to look forward in 2015? In this year I look to become the wikipedia of 3DGIS – through my literature review I want to know EVERYTHING about what is going on in the nichey realms of 3D geo. I also look to do a small techny side project to keep my skills brushed up but have yet to think of what to do yet. Thirdly, I look to show off my efforts for the year at many more conferences in the latter part of 2015 – and hopefully one that is abroad!

With all these vague & high hopes, I thought I’d try to stick to a few “academic” new year’s resolutions:

  1. Read more. And wider. – I started this at the end of last year, but I will start to broaden my reading from Geography to Computer Graphics to Psychology. Boxing my reading within one discipline would only result in the rehashing of ideas and not the creation of new, exciting ones.
  2. Become better friends with FME. – I feel like FME and I were acquaintances that were introduced to each other over two years ago but we don’t hang out. Sure, we see each other when mutual friends invite us both, but I never go out of my way to hang out with him. I feel FME is a great guy and we could be great friends, but I just need to get to know him y’know?
  3. Learn a new language. – By that I mean get my LaTeX jam on. See above and replace FME with LaTeX
  4. Impose weekly meet up with other EngD pals. – Growing up as a child with mixed departments is awfully difficult. At school I would get picked on and people would say things like “how can you be both Geography AND Computer Science?” or “Hah! I bet all you do in colour in…. computer screens!”. Okay, so that’s all fictitious, but as a VEIV EngD, we are all isolated in disparate corners of UCL. I look to bring them together every week on Friday afternoons to share/rant/collaborate/vent so that we can broaden our way of thinking. I may also look to continue that discussion at the local public house…
  5. Do one thing non-academic and new once a month – I can’t really count this as a new year’s resolution as I started this at the middle of last year. But I look to keep up doing something non-academic and new each month to give the geo part of my mind a bit of respite.

How well will I stick to these? No idea. But I’ll report back at the end of Jan to let you know it’s going…

Until then, wishing you all an exciting, prosperous and happy 2015!



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