Last Exam of my Life. Or is it?

The end of March wrapped up the last of the taught courses from the MRes portion of my EngD and I hastily jetted off for my 2 week Easter Holidays. Tokyo and Sydney were great, thanks. Incredibly expensive though…

Since my return, my time has been devoted to the joys of exam season. I can clearly remember at least 4 instances of my life in which I have exclaimed “YES LAST EXAM OF MY LIFE 4 EVA”. Now I realise it is an extremely short-sighted and naive comment.

8xirrBit extreme, but managed to survive. I have to say, in this digital and disposable age, my right hand has almost forgotten how to write in cursive. One day there will be rooms filled with internet-disabled computers and students can type out their exam papers. Or there will be a brain scanner which can tell if you have revised/understood the course content without even having to write anything. That’d be handy.

I think I must have been going revision mad as I made this and found it hilarious…

BnmoIs-IMAAUE5rAnyway, I’m back on form and back up to date. I went down to Southampton OS HQ yesterday to pitch my summer project as well as a general catch-up with the crew and my PhD buddy Jon Slade. I’m glad the OS are excited with my proposed topic, and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

In other news, the UK 3DGIS SIG is kicking off. The twitter account is now live: so please do follow. Also a LinkedIn group is available at: I’ll be posting on both to keep everyone updated on the activities of the group.

To end, since we last spoke, Game of Thrones has returned with season 4. Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey are absolutely excellent. Anyway I leave you with this extremely niche meme:





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